Lockdowel Snap-together fasteners and drawer slides:

RTA Furniture manufactures can expand sales by improving their customers' assembly experience with patent pending Lockdowel fasteners and drawer slides. The snap-together system reduces assembly time by 80% or greater over current conventional hardware. Furniture manufactured with Lockdowel products requires no tools or lengthy instruction manuals. The furniture is sturdy, and with no visible joints, it has the look and feel of being factory assembled.

Case Goods Furniture manufacturers can improve their profits by reducing assembly costs by at least 30%. Shipping and warehousing costs can also be dramatically reduced 80% by adopting an “assembled in America strategy”. You can reduce shipping volume both internationally and domestically by a factor of 5 to 1 by assembling your product in minute’s right at the point of sale using lockdowel hardware. Its fast, looks good , very sturdy and cost effective.

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